Sushi for Breakfast? Oh, Yes You Can

Well, technically, it was brunch, but still… raw fish in the morning is a good thing. Especially, when that raw fish is paired with a tasty mango mimosa (not yuzu, stay away from the yuzu, but more on that later). On Sunday, a friend and I went to Sunda for brunch and went a little overboard on the food and drink.

Sunda bills itself as “new Asian.” I’m not really sure what old Asian is supposed to be, but the new version that they offer is pretty great. The room is very open and airy—made more so when the dining room isn’t exactly full. They offer a very odd make your own bloody Mary bar on Sundays. I actually witnessed a man go up to the bar sans drink glass and grab a bowl of green beans. 1. Sir, it is a bloody Mary bar, not an all you can eat at the local Old Country Buffet and 2. What the hell are green beans doing in a bloody Mary anyway?

What We Ate

Dim Sum: We opted for the har gow (shrimp-filled dumplings) and the oxtail potstickers (with white wasabi crème). The potstickers were excellent. The har gow, not so much. They tasted pretty bland and had nubby shrimp bits in them.

Sushi: We went with the Food Buddha’s Classic Crispy Rice signature sushi and the Spicy Tail of Two Tunas specialty cut roll. The signature sushi consisted of pan fried sushi rice glazed with soy sauce and topped with spicy tuna and jalapeno pepper. The two tunas were yellowfin, pickled jalapeno, spicy mayo, super white tuna and fried shallots. So, first off I am convert to seared and crispy rice. Yum, yum, yum. You bite into a crispy bit to finish off with just enough gumminess. Neither roll was particularly burn your mouth off spicy, but they both had a slight (very slight) heat.

Entrees: I had the braised pork belly which was served on two crispy rice patties each topped with a poached egg and Sunda egg sauce. My friend had pretty much the same thing, but instead of pork belly, hers was a shrimp with guacamole. She totally won—even though she ordered her eggs poached hard and they came all gooey. Again, the crispy rice was key to both of these dishes. It soaked up the egg and the sauce nicely. My pork belly just tasted like seared pork. I’m not really sure what Sunda egg sauce was supposed to be. What it looked like was a hard coating on top of my eggs.

Anyway, we both had enough food that neither of us could finish our entrees.

What We Drank

Mimosas, of course. My friend had stuck with lychee while I bounced around. My thoughts:

  • Lychee: Yummy (I had a sip of my friend’s, for those keeping track. I’m only a bit of a lush, not a full-blown problem drinker.)
  • Strawberry-passion fruit: Not as sweet as you’d expect. In fact, it tasted more like grapefruit than anything else.
  • Yuzu: I think yuzu Japanese for perfume because this certainly tasted like chugging your dad’s cologne.
  • Mango: Ah, at last, I found a mimosa that was sweet enough to cancel out the fact that I was drinking champagne. And, it tasted so lovely I had two.

Location: 110 W. Illinois, valet parking available (but on Sunday, street parking was easy). They serve lunch and dinner as well.


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