There’s a Greek Comedy Going on in My Gadget Drawer

White puffy thing


What Is It?

Besides a slightly phallic conversation piece? It’s bendy, it’s flexy, it’s a wine decanter brush.

What Does It Do?

Um, cleans wine carafes and decanters. It also cleans bottles (baby and otherwise). Is it wrong that I sometimes clean my baby’s bottles with the same brush I sometimes use to clean my wine carafes? Mayhaps, good person. But my number one parenting rule is: Start screwing the kids up early, and they’ll never know the difference later on.

Back to the apparatus at hand. It is essentially a wire covered with squishy foam. So, very good at getting into the rounded corners of crazy-shaped bottles. For the anal-retentive, you could also use it to clean that gap between the stove and cupboards—or any skinny place that might get grubby with fallen food. If you’re going to use one for this purpose and still want to clean out bottles, I’d recommend buying a few and labeling them.

Do I Really Need It?

If you have small-necked bottles that you have to keep clean, then yes you do. If you don’t even own a carafe or a decanter (and/or have no idea what such a thing does), then no. Pass on this little piece of fun. The reason I recommend buying one is purely for the crazy looks guests to your kitchen will have on their faces when they stumble upon this delightful gadget laying helplessly in a drawer—or better yet, drooping sadly out of your utensil crock.

Where Can I Buy My Very Own?

You can pick them up at most wine stores (heck, you can probably find one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond) or online at Amazon or Wine Enthusiast’s shop. They run less than $10. So, why not? They make especially nice gifts as my dad found out when he presented one each to my sister and me. (Hysterical laughing ensued.)


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