My New Favorite Grocery Store

I hate shopping—even for food. I would do Peapod and have my groceries brought directly to me. Except that even though I hate shopping, I really need to touch my produce. I’m dirty like that.

After living in my neighborhood for five years, sad to say I have only been to one of the grocery stores within walking distance. Sadly, it was the Fair Play. If you don’t live on the South Side of Chicago, you probably aren’t familiar with this grimy little gem. To be fair, I haven’t been to the other locations, but the one on Western Avenue is nasty. I went once, got scared, and never returned. (Having liquor locked behind the check-out counter does that to me.)

I drove to the other nearby grocery stores, but after being incredibly irked by the lack of selection at the Dominick’s and routinely seeing fruit flies swarming at the Jewel, I was forced to go a bit further a field. There I found the Whole Foods. I love Whole Foods for all of the organic brands and high-end meats. Like most people, I hate their prices and find my location difficult to navigate on a Saturday. (Seriously, could they make the aisles any narrower?)

So, after spending way too much on food for more than a few years, our household needed a change. (I don’t know if you’ve heard, but we’re having some tough economic times.) Lo and behold, I found Pete’s Fresh Market within walking distance of my house. And, this one is neat-o clean-o.

And, because it’s in my neighborhood and conveniently located near Chinatown, the produce section is amazing. Where else can you find about 15 types of peppers alongside diakon radishes? They have an entire aisle (an entire AISLE) of hot sauce. Seriously. True, the fish behind the counter is all frozen, but you can get tripe in the meat department. My only complaint is that I still have to go to the creepy Fair Play if I want liquor.


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