Don’t Be a Monkey

White plastic stick with a hook

Monkeys don't use them. OK, maybe they would to find termites in a mound, but that's not what it's for!

What Is It?

Citrus peeler

How Does It Work?

The simplest of gadgets: You put the hook end into the top of a citrus fruit and pull down. Work the peeler around the fruit as it cuts through the skin. Voilà! You have a nude orange.

Do I Really Need It?

Not at all. A fingernail works just fine. But, the version I own is a dollar. One whole American dollar. Is it really going to set you back? And, guess what? Once you have one, you’ll never again have sticky orange rind under your nails again. That should save you some dinero on manicures. You’ll also save yourself from having gooey juice drippings trailing down your arm attracting ants which will eventually find a way underneath your clothing causing you to dance like, well, like you had ants in your pants. And, to think this could all be avoided by the purchase of simple tool for a dollar.

Yes, you can get a fancier version in stainless steel or one that comes in a nice ergonomic shape. These are considerably more money. Trust me, there is no need—the simple version works just fine. Once you have peeled an orange like a civilized person instead of like a crazed monkey, you will understand why this is a beautiful and necessary indulgence.

Where Can I Buy My Very Own?

Mine came from Crate and Barrel, of all places. Tupperware and Pampered Chef also offer the cheapy versions. You can find the fancier stuff online.



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