Think Modern Day Mace

Metal mallet with rubber handle

I like the medieval kitchen stuff

What Is It?

A meat tenderizer

How Does It Work?

In a nut shell? You whack and smack your meat until it is sore and tender. The ugly side is for the toughest bits of meat and the flat side is for cuts that just need a little bit of beating. Basically, when you hit the meat, you are breaking down the muscle fibers and connective tissues. This makes meat easier to chew. (So, does cooking. Don’t forget to cook your meat!) You can use this tool to not only tenderize meat, but to also flatten out cuts of meat for rolling.

Do I Really Need It?

If you are a vegetarian, probably not. (Unless you cook with a lot of fresh lemongrass or make your own crumbs. Then, I would suggest it as fresh lemongrass usually needs to be beaten into submission and making crumbs with a rolling pin is less fun.)

Let’s say you are a meatitarian. Do you buy cheaper cuts of meat that are all nasty and chewy? If so, this is a tool for you? But most of us can probably do without. Of course, for rolled meat dishes, it’s a must.

Where Can I Buy My Very Own?

Again, any store that sells kitchen supplies will have one. Mine is from that beloved company of all things gadgetry: OXO. But, there are way more stylish options out there. Go a little nuts, you meat-eating fools.


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