Small, Shiny, and Kinda Useless

What Is It?

A finger guard

How Does It Work?

Well, technically, you’re supposed to put it on your finger when you’re chopping food items. The guard keeps you from hacking off your fingers. In actuality, I found it a bit cumbersome to use. If I put it on my middle finger, it was a bit tight, and never really sat well on the food that I was chopping.

Do I Really Need It?

I’d say no. If you are that afraid of chopping off our fingertip, then take a knife skills class at your local culinary offering place. That, and keep your knives sharp. I chopped off a pretty serious hunk of nail once and it was gruesome, but I still go back to the kitchen sans knife guard.

Where Can I Get My Own?

My dad gave me this one. (Thanks, Dad!) I bet you could find it at a Pampered Chef party. It’s just the sort of fun, albeit useless, thing they would have.


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