Spoiler Alert: It’s a Knife

Black plastic knife

Seriously, you're not even going to guess? I put it on a cutting board to give you a hint.

What Is It?

Well, if you can’t guess that it’s a knife, you’re a bit slow aren’t you? But, this is a special knife because it’s made of plastic.

How Does It Work?

You think plastic can’t be sharp, but then you remember cutting yourself on some infernal plastic packaging around a toy or other useless piece of crap you’ve purchased. And, then you say, “Yowsers! Plastic can cut.” But it doesn’t cut metal. So, the brilliance of this gadget is that you can use it to cut food in non-stick pans. Brownies and frittatas, be damned! (I should have warned you: This is going to be a slightly foul-mouthed post.) Anyway, it works like a regular knife except without all the scratching of your good cook- and bakeware.

Do I Really Need It?

Of course not. Sometimes a hard plastic spatula will work just fine. But, let’s say you have a nice pie that you would like to cut into perfect slices for serving. Then, maybe you’d like to have one of these knives to protect your pie pan but still make a good impression on your future in-laws. You don’t serve pie, you say? Shame on you! Pie is perfection. I have quoted that old New York Times article before and I will quote it again: “No pie-eating people can ever be vanquished.” Pie is brilliant. And, if you are trying to make the best first impression you can upon the people who gave birth to and reared the love of your life, then you better serve up a slice of pie. Oh dear, I’m digressing again.

Where Can I Get My Own?

This lovey came to me from my mother via a Pampered Chef party. But as with all kitchen utensils, sally forth to the online mecca that is Amazon or Cooking.com. You are sure to find success.


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