Happy Easter (and Pagan Spring Ritual Traditions)

Spring has arrived! (Even if it doesn’t necessarily feel like it in some parts of the country…) Back in ye olde time, this landmark event was heralded with a variety of rebirthing rituals. The land has come back to life, Persephone is back from the under world, Ostara’s light is shining on us. Ostara or Ēostre, you should look her up. She’s the whole reason we call it Easter.

In a nutshell, because I know you’re too lazy to find out: She was a German fertility goddess that came in on the east wind.

AND, she is the reason why we (Americans) have the Easter Bunny. Her symbol was the ever copulating rabbit. A bunch of Germans came to this country bringing their fun wursts, sauerkrauts, and belief in the fertility of the rabbit. (Well, not so much a belief as an observation really.) No one really paid much mind until things started getting commercial in this country. We all know when that happened, right? (I always peg it around the turn of the last century. And, sometimes in my historical stupor I like to blame my former employer Sears with their mail order catalog. But, I digress. If you have a better time when we started becoming crazy with the product placement, let me know.)

Anyway, we have chocolate bunnies because it’s spring and spring always brings out the sex in all of us. That’s also probably why we have eggs at Easter. Nothing says fertility like… well, something you need to be fertile.

Right now, I’m putting together Easter dinner for the family. We decided to go with a Greek theme this year even though we aren’t Greek. I’ll clue you in on how everything turned out this week. In the meantime, Καλό Πάσχα!



  1. #1 by ken on 4.26.2011 - 12:32 pm

    you can give an easter greeting in greek, but, you don’t know how to make a toast in greek?

    • #2 by e.marie on 4.26.2011 - 4:46 pm

      i’d go with: Εις Υγειαν 🙂

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