Ye Olde Version of Something We Rarely Use

Rusty metal hand held device

What Is It?

An antique version of a corn cob peeler

How Does It Work?

Think about a horse brush (or some dog brushes) where you slip your hand in, and whiz, bang, vroom you’re done. This one works on the same principle, except on corn. It probably doesn’t work very well anymore. I mean, seriously, look at how worn down the teeth are. Besides, do you really want rusty corn?

Do I Really Need It?

Of course not. It’s unlikely you even need a modern version, so this one is simply for decoration. In fact, it is being used as decoration at my parent’s house. If you know my parents and are familiar with their house, we can play a game. I will give one American dollar (yes, an American dollar!) to the first person who knows exactly where this object can be found in said home. You need to be specific… I mean really specific. And, sorry parents of me, you can’t play.

Where Can I Buy My Very Own?

I did a search for antique corn cob peelers, antique corn kernel removers, and other keywords, yet I could not find a version like this for sale anywhere. Perhaps, it really is a dog brush and we’ve just been wrong this entire time? I’d be interested to see if anyone else has any theories.


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