This Is an Easy One, Easy as…

Metal wheel on a stick

What Is It?

An antique pie crimper, also known as a pastry wheel

How Does It Work?

When you’ve spent so very much time making your pie, you want the edge to look pretty… almost like you bought it at the store, right? So, you take this little kizmo and run it around the edge of your pie. It crimps the top of the pie crust to the bottom crust OR you can make a dainty edging on an open pie.

Do I Really Need It?

I’ve always used my fingers, but then again my pies look like a short bus version of something nice. Also, remember this is “vintage” which sometimes means dusty and dirty. Of course, you can buy a modern version. Not surprisingly, the modern one looks a whole lot like the vintage version… because, hey, we don’t need to reinvent the pastry wheel, do we? (You saw that one coming from a mile a way, I bet.)

Where Can I Buy My Very Own?

They are currently going on eBay for about $5. I hope you’ve learned at least one thing in my trip down antique kitchen gadget street… not everything that is old is worth money. And, just so we’re on the same page, when I come across something at my parent’s house that is worth money, I certainly am not going to blog about it. I’m going to just secretly pick up the worthy item and run like the wind. Kidding, Mom and Dad! Seriously, if anything’s missing from your house, you know you should call my sister first, right?


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