Brunching in the Big Easy

I spent last weekend eating and drinking my way through New Orleans, Louisiana in celebration of my cousin’s upcoming nuptials. My next few posts are going to be highlights of the gastronomical fest. Let’s start with brunch (as we already know… it’s the most important meal of the day).

Two brunch places stood out: Lüke and The Ruby Slipper Café


We went there with a rather large group and they gave us a separate room which was nice since the brunch doubled as a lingerie shower for the bride-to-be. I think we wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun if we had been in the main restaurant (although, maybe we would have had more fun??) I’m not going to go through what everyone ate; I’ll just deal with my meal.

What I Ate

Sadly, they no longer offer fried chicken and waffles. As the waitress said, the waffles tended to be inconsistent. I guess I got them on a good day, because they were phenomenal. (You can still get fried chicken and biscuits for brunch though.) Instead, I ordered the poached eggs and crab cakes. They were served on a bed of potatoes (that included bacon as we found out upon sharing) smothered in hollandaise sauce. The eggs were poached perfectly and the crab cakes were lovely.

What I Drank

I had a mint julep because, let’s be honest, when you’re in the South you should drink Southern stuff. Then, I “helped” my cousin finish her champagne cocktail. Yum!

Location: 333 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans. It’s in the Hilton New Orleans building located in the Central Business District

The Ruby Slipper Café

There are two locations. We ate at their downtown location. It’s an open and airy dining room with a large wooden, circular counter in the center and tables on the outskirts.

What We Ate

Appetizers: We split the fried green tomatoes and sweet potato fries. Both came with a remoulade sauce. They were both very similar, but the fried green tomato sauce had more mustard. I think these two dishes were the hits of the brunch.

Main Courses: I had the eggs cochon. It was a biscuit split in half with “pig debris” (pulled pork) and a poached egg on each biscuit half. (Notice a theme? I was in a poached egg mood.) The eggs were poached over hard without me asking so I wasn’t too thrilled with that. And, the pulled pork (I soooo wouldn’t have put the word debris on the menu.) was just a bit blah. I upped the ante with a bunch of Tabasco sauce.

My sister had an omelet with cheese, mushroom, and spinach. She said it was just an omelet and nothing exciting. And, my cousin had the grilled cheese that came with spinach and tomato with a side of fries. She was underwhelmed by it.

What We Drank

The coffee (which was local) was amazing. We also had mimosas. They were pretty pulpy; I didn’t mind, but my cousin had to do a bit of skimming to make them drinkable. (She also had a chocolate milk that seemed yummy.)

Location: 200 Magazine Street, New Orleans. It’s on the corner and they have outdoor seating under the building overhang.

Bonus Time

Not in the mood for an entire brunch? Of COURSE, you have to stop by Café Du Monde for a beignet (fried dough with a mountain of powdered sugar on top) and a coffee. They offer iced versions when you’re there in the summer.


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