Lunching in the Crescent City

There are a ton of great places to grab a bite when eating in and around New Orleans. There are also quite a few “secret” chains. Places that seem completely different, yet you go in and they have the exact same drink menu or incredibly similar lunch menus.

We went to a fun, retro diner that, although owned by a group that owns other restaurants in the city, was certainly NOT a secret chain. The Magnolia Grill serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a small drink menu. They have all of your typical New Orleans sandwiches including po boys and muffalettas (those crazy deli meat and olive sandwiches that are crazy huge).

Again, we were with a large group so I’ll go with what I ate and leave the rest of the group’s meal to obscurity.

What I Ate

I had a half a Reuben and a half a grilled cheese sandwich served with fries. The bread were thick slices from huge loaves. This made for a giant lunch (and subsequently very little in the way of dinner the next day).

What I Drank

Yeah for New Orleans and it’s alcohol-happy culture where you can get a drinky-poo at 1950s-style diner. I had peach thing that was quite lovely.

Location: 1122 Decatur Street, New Orleans. It’s across the street from the French Market.


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