Dinner at Nola in NOLA

I have a special bit of malice in my heart for Emeril Lagasse. I’ve never met the man, but I used to sell his cookware when I worked at Marshall Field’s. I was eternally getting complaints from disappointed brides when they would put the pots in the dishwasher and the hard anodized exterior would get weird white streaks on it. But, when in NOLA, you kind of have to go to one of his restaurants. And, what better restaurant than Nola?

The restaurant is located on three floors in the French Quarter. The ground floor is a bar, an open kitchen, and a few tables. Guests are taken to their tables on the upper floors via elevator (although our large group couldn’t fit in on one go and the hostess forgot to come back for the rest of us… we managed).

I will say that the service started out a bit ragged (drinks were brought out at wildly different times), but I did appreciate the rest of the evening. Plates were brought dropped off on right and cleared from the left. (Hey, it’s a thing with me.) Also, a bit of leniency: We were a large party dining at 9:15 in the evening. (Yup, we closed the place down.)

What I Ate

I had a fabulous salad that contained arugula with watermelon and almond slivers with a lime vinaigrette dressing. I think I might have toasted the almonds, but other than that fabulous! I also had the hickory-roasted duck with whiskey caramel glaze. It came on top of a buttermilk bread pudding and fire roasted green beans. There were a few candied pecans scattered about the plate. The duck breast was a tad dry, but the legs were done to perfection. Oh yeah, I meant to make that plural. It was a whole duck. And, that is a crazy amount of food.

What I Drank

Our end of the table had a bit of Prosecco and shared a bottle of pinot noir.

Location: 534 Saint Louis St., New Orleans.


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