The Basics: Memorial Day BBQ

Happy Memorial Day to all of our fine men and women in uniform. In addition to memorializing those who gave the greatest of sacrifices for our country, Memorial Day is also the “unofficial” start of summer–especially with a whooping 90° day. And, as tradition dictates, we start summer by grilling ground up animals over charcoal. (Yeah for the top of the food chain!) This was our BBQ:

Hamburgers, sausages, corn, and foil packet on the grill

As Paul said, "You know, dinner for two."

No, not really. Whenever we grill, Paul likes to throw on “a few” sausages so he doesn’t “waste” the charcoal. The foil packet contains potatoes. I have only two rules to grilling. Rule #1 is that I don’t start the grill. And, rule #2 is that everything has to be super easy. These recipes are über easy. In order of how you should put them on the grill for removal all at once.


Wash potatoes and cut into edible bits. Put them on a piece of foil. Sprinkle with salt and your choice of herbs. (In this case, I used fresh rosemary. But, I also like dried thyme, fresh dill, peppercorns… whatever.) Drizzle with olive oil. Close foil packet. Put on grill. You want to put them on the grill first. The heat of your grill and the size of the potato cut will determine how far in advance you add the taters.


Potatoes on a plate

Look like roasted potatoes, right? Pretty similar except that my kitchen wasn’t 800º when we were finished.


Take burger meat and mix blue cheese into the mix. Make into patties. Put on grill. While the grill master (in this case Paul) is cooking, slice some tomatoes, saute some onions (I add a bit of balsamic vinegar at the end to give them a bit of tang. It cuts through the blue cheese nicely.), wash a few pieces of lettuce, and make sure you have buns. Then, when they come off the grill, assemble by adding a few additional blue cheese crumbles. If you don’t like blue cheese, you can use any soft cheese. Just make sure your chunks are big enough so that all of the cheese doesn’t drip out of the burger while you’re cooking it.



A whole lotta yum


Take off husks. Put on grill. Add salt and/or butter after it comes off. Eat.

And, that’s about it. Serve with your favorite beverages and bring on the rest of summer!


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