Chowing Down at M. Henry

If you regularly brunch in Chicago, you have probably been to M. Henry in Andersonville. And, if you have stayed away because the line is always long, there is a very good reason for it. The food is consistently spot on. The light, airy décor makes for happy brunching on a sunny day (there is also a garden patio in the back… no street dining though). Even on the drizzly day I went, the place is still super cheery.

What We Ate

Half of our party ordered the comfort plate—a huge dish consisting of butternut squash, a bacon crepe, cranberry cognac chicken sausage and our style choice of two eggs all drizzled with red wine syrup. Hearty and yummy. A classic dish if ever there was one.

I ordered one of the specials which I will not do justice to in the describing. Suffice it to say, it started with an herbed potato foccacia square topped with poached eggs. That was covered with a small mountain of prosciutto and a stack of grilled asparagus spears. This was surrounded by a salad heavy on the cucumbers, slivered radishes and fruit (juicy strawberries and mega sized blackberries). The drizzling was a balsamic reduction of some sort. Complete heaven!

My only issue: The poached eggs were too well done (hard and not gooey). So, I missed out on the drippy egg into potato that I love so much. But, the rest of the dish was so good, I can overlook the eggs.

The fourth member of our group ordered the spinach, onion, and chevre omelet. Let me just say, it is a mighty big omelet. It comes with their house potatoes (which include diced peppers… good if that’s your thing… not so good if you just want your starches). You can replace the potatoes for salad if you’re feeling low-carby.

I was sorely tempted to order a chocolate chip cookie, but I refrained and my waistline was the better for it.

What We Drank

We all had coffee. But, if you are so inclined, M. Henry is BYOB with a healthy number of juices and fizzy waters so that you can make your own morning (or afternoon cocktail).

Besides brunch, they have a decent lunch menu and are open until 2:30 (3:00 on weekends). The children’s menu is not exactly extensive, but it’ll hold off the starvation of your child.

Location: 5707 N. Clark. Parking possible, but not exactly easy.


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