Let’s Get Naked and Drink

Naked bronze lady with wings

What Is It?

Today, Paul and I are celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary, so in honor of that milestone I bring you the anniversary gift I gave my husband two years ago. The eighth wedding anniversary is bronze. We buy gifts according to traditional gift year because we so love the challenge. (A romantic bronze gift was a breeze compared to sexy anniversary seven… also known as wool. Nothing says thanks for the love like wool.) In addition to me, Paul also loves beer. Hence this little bronze art nouveau number.

It’s a bottle opener from the turn of the previous century. The current “crown cork” bottle cap was invented in the early 1890s thus ensuring the new industry of free swag at ballgames… oh, I mean the new industry of bottle openers. Those 1900s people had so much style. Even their bottle openers were sexy.

How Does It Work?

Just like a regular bottle opener. Insert cap in appropriate spot, lever off. I don’t think Paul has used to actually open a beer bottle yet. But, I could be wrong.

Do I Really Need It?

Between twist-off caps, kegs, and modern bottle openers (not to mention a well-placed bottle and the edge of a counter), you should never need a little bronze lady to hold your opener. But she does add a certain naked nonchalance to our liquor shelf.

Where Can I Buy My Very Own?

I procured this one on eBay. I’m not going to tell you how much it cost because there is a chance that Paul might read this post. It was a gift to him after all. And, wouldn’t it be sad if he found out how much I paid for it and had a heart attack on our tenth wedding anniversary?

Having said that, I didn’t pay that much for it. Considering it’s an antique… a naked antique. I pay more for naked.


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