My Benedict Jag

I am obsessed with brunch. In fact, it can probably be considered my favorite meal of the day (along with dinner, late night snacking, and sometimes lunch if it involves a sandwich or a really kick ass buffet). And, one of my favorite dishes (yet rarely perfectly done), is Eggs Benedict. I love the salty bacon mixed with the lemony hollandaise sauce.

South Water Kitchen logoAlthough I’ve made them before, they constitute one of those dishes that is just a bit too much for a lazy Sunday morning. I’ll flip flapjacks, soak French toast, or omelet an egg while still mildly hung over, but whipping up hollandaise while simultaneously toasting an English muffin, cooking some pig, and poaching eggs is not going to happen.

Hence, it has become my go-to for brunch—especially now that everyone does Benedict differently. So, the next few Sundays I bring you Benedicts and brunch. First off, we go to South Water Kitchen, located downtown near the Hotel Monaco. I went with a large group of friends, so I’m sticking to the Benedict.

What We Ate

Paul and I both ordered the house smoked salmon Benedict. It was served on an extra thick slab of toasted brioche with a side of herby potatoes. The hollandaise is definitely lemon-heavy, but they offset it with chopped herbs so you don’t get that lemon pie taste.

Obviously, the bacon in this Benedict has been replaced with smoked salmon. And, it is a thick slice. It holds up well against the sauce. My only issue with this dish is that the eggs were a bit overcooked. So, I didn’t get a whole lot of drippy, eggy mess to soak into the brioche. Such a thick hunk of bread really needed a ton of egg goodness. I got a wee bit of drippy and a lot of over hard.

I’m guessing that Paul liked it as he practically inhaled his entire plate. Mr. Moo had the side of fruit which was typically heavy on melon and light on berries.

What We Drank

Coffee all around and copious amounts of water.

I’d definitely go back to South Water Kitchen for a non-brunch meal. They have a pretty decent prix fixe lunch AND dinner menu. The room is multi-level with loads of nooks and crannies for the more romantic date night and open spaces for larger groups. The bar area up front can get crowded (as they have a long table directly across the bar). Caution when drunk: The floor slants a bit so try to keep your balance.

Location: 225 N. Wabash Avenue. Parking is miserable so take any other means of transportation.


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