Another Round of Eggs Benedict

A few weeks ago, my sister treated me to a bit o’ brunch at Blokes and Birds—a “public house” up in Lakeview. We brought Paul and Mr. Moo along because it only seemed fair to bring a few blokes so as not to upset the bird ratio.

First off, they have two front doors. So, don’t be confused. Normal people would have just picked one and gone with it. We are not normal. We stood outside, dithered a bit, and then finally realized that the hostess was standing directly between both of them. I just mention it because if you are doing a mildly hung over brunch, this could cause you problems. And, I want brunch to be easy and delightful.

Speaking of hang overs, this place is good in that it’s kind of dark inside so you won’t be assaulted by bright lights. They have a few TVs, but they were on mute during brunch. Score one for the non-sports lovers out there!

What We Ate

I had the prosciutto eggs Benedict. Served on a generous slab of grilled brioche toast, the eggs were poached to perfection. A soupy delightful mess that soaked into the bread with enough left over to cause the potatoes to swim a bit. Finally, a poached egg that is worthy of the name! The hollandaise was not as lemony as I anticipated. Still decent, just not as bright as some eggs Benedicts (the smoky toast made up for it).

Paul ordered the bloke’s breakfast which is a traditional English type breakfast. That means it includes a ton of eggs and meat—two fried eggs, bangers, bacon, black pudding, and the obligatory grilled tomato. He was raving about it for the rest of the day. Em ordered the duck hash. Wild mushrooms mixed into duck confit and potatoes with two fried eggs atop. (It’s served skillet style.)

The Moo, as is his wont, ordered the fruit cup. Much to my surprise, it included more berries than melon—watermelon, pineapple with a plethora of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. He ate all but a few pineapple bits.

What We Drank

Paul’s Blokes Breakfast came with a pint of Wells Bombardier. You read that right. It came with his brunch. How beautiful is that? I had a mimosa which had little bits of orange and grapefruit (not pulp, but actual fruit bits) and a mint leaf. Happily, it came in a champagne glass rather than flute. So, no klutzy spilling on my part.

Emily won the drinking round, by far. She ordered the bloody Mary. Holy cow! The garnish was a work of art, and included a thick slice of prosciutto, cheddar cheese cube, gherkin, olive, tomato, and a sport pepper. Then, pick up the garnish to find cucumber slices floating in the bacon-infused vodka (yeah bacon bits at the bottom of the glass).

We also had coffee that was served in clear mugs which makes a pretty business when you mix in cream.

Location: 3343 N. Clark. For brunch, we found free parking right around the corner. Street parking is available but can get irritating to find at times.



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