Happy Hour Option Number 104

Sometimes happy hour is happiest on Sundays. (Maybe not this coming Sunday as a decent chunk of the Western Hemisphere will be spending the day with family and friends… but tuck this one in the old idea bag for a future Sunday.) The thought is that you can spend a lazy evening sipping cocktails and eating plates of appetizers while sitting in a kind of dark, but very mod-esque room.

Devon Seafood Grill LogoIf you want to play that game, Devon Seafood Grill is a pretty good bet. I say this because happy hour starts at 4 p.m. and lasts until close on Sundays. They also have half-priced bottles of wine (any bottle less than $100). And, by the way, if Sunday drinking isn’t your cup of tea, they repeat happy hour Monday through Friday from 4-7 p.m. and then again from 9 p.m. until they close. The drink specials vary by day so if you want half-off wine, you need to do the Sunday part.

I popped in with a friend last Sunday. The happy hour appetizer menu is easily broken down by price ($5, $6,and $7 dishes). Although our server was pleasant and prompt enough, my friend did say that it can be lacking during the after work rush.

What We Ate

First, they bring you these lumpy biscuit things that are nice enough, but then they set down a bitty bowl of honey butter. That, made me eat three of the biscuits. (Not my fault that they kept bringing them out. They were probably 500 calories each and another 1,500 for all the butter I slathered on them. Holiday heft, here I come!)

Steamed Curry Mussels: A decent sized portion, the sauce was all the good bits of curry and butter. They also have mussels in a traditional white wine sauce, but I hazard to guess that the curried ones are way better. Not a run out right now, I’m dying for these mussels dish, but I’d order them again.

Lobster Tamale: Served in the decorative corn husk, there were two large chunks of lobster and a ton of corn and beans tossed about the plate. It had a pale green sauce next to it which I couldn’t decide if it was cream based or not. At any rate, the sauce was kind of eh, but the tamale was spot on.

What We Drank

Well, with the whole half off thing, we split a bottle of red. We went with a syrah from California. I liked that they denoted which wines on their list had been rated 90+ by Wine Spectator, Wine Advocate, or Wine Enthusiast. Their list isn’t overwhelming, but it is comprehensive. They also offer wine flights of three glasses that seemed reasonably priced (but the menu didn’t mention the pour size, so it could be a complete rip off).

We capped off the evening with Pink Pops. Served in a martini glass (the bane of the glass world), the drink consists of X-Rate Fusion Liqueur and brut. If you’re unfamiliar with liquor mixer things, X-Rated Fusion is from France and is vodka mixed with the juice of blood oranges and passion fruit. So, this was basically a sweet, fizzy cocktail that tasted scrumptious.

The food is decent, the drink specials are great, and the location is an easy distance from Michigan Avenue shopping. Now, depending on how you feel about chain restaurants, this next one can be a good thing or a bad thing: You can find a Devon in Hershey (that’s PA), Milwaukee, and Philadelphia. And, you can find similar restaurants owned by the same group in Atlanta, Kansas, and Missouri. So, take that for what it’s worth. But, if you’re shopping on Sunday at the large, chain stores on Michigan Ave, then I’m guessing you won’t have a problem with dropping in here for a post-excursion drink.

Location: 39 E. Chicago Avenue. Right off the red line at Chicago and State so forget about parking.


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