Hipster Brunch

There are times when you want to grab brunch and be all hipster-like you used to be before you had children. (And, by you, I will confess I mean me.) Then, the realities of the situation set in. You have a spouse. Your spouse deserves a morning of rest and relaxation because maybe he’s been spending every Sunday morning with the babe for many months. So, then you have the brilliant idea of grabbing brunch with a few girlfriends, but doing it early enough to bring the child before he gets beastie.

Prasino logoWhoa, but you still need to get your slinky hipster on, you say? Head on over to Prasino in Wicker Park. When you walk in, you’ll be reminded that you once knew what it was like to feel cool. But, there are enough little humans around that you don’t feel terribly bad about spawning.

Another reason to love their menu is that they list out the vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free items. And, there are enough of them to make it worth the trip.

What We Ate

I had the caprese eggs Benedict. It starts with the standard multi-grain English muffin, but tops it with tomato, basil, mozzarella, poached eggs (two of them), balsamic reduction, and hollandaise. The eggs were done to my perfection—drizzling, gooey yolk with a firm exterior. This dish made me wonder why caprese salads don’t come with eggs on top.

My friend had the Irish skillet which comes in the actual skillet (I do appreciate truth in advertising.) It’s exactly what you would expect it to be—corned beef hash, onions, peppers, cheddar cheese, and two eggs exactly how you like them to be served. Pretty good and pretty gluten free.

My sister had the achiote chicken chilaquiles. The dish arrives in a skillet as well but this time has a tortilla, eggs, charred tomato salsa, avocado, and the chicken. Also gluten free and completely annihilated by the end of brunch.

Finally, Mr. Moo had a multigrain bagel and good portion of my potatoes. (The kid loves his carbs.)

Next time I go, I’m definitely trying the sweet potato hash as well as the ginger snap pancakes.

What We Drank

My lovely dining companions had few breakfast cocktails. And, despite what you people may think, I’m not a complete drunk around my child. I went with coffee. Loads and loads of coffee. Because let’s be honest, if I’m not drunk I need to be heavily caffeinated. (I jest! I really jest.)

Location: 1846 W. Division. On Sundays, they have free parking across the street. I told you, you could be hip and still have your baby with you.


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