Useful and Funny

Metal measuring spoons

What Are They?

If you can’t tell that these are measuring spoons, you’re an idiot. If you can’t read what they say, then you should probably get to an eye doctor. But, just in case, they are labeled Dash, Smidgen, and Pinch. That’s right. These are super tiny measuring spoons. So, that makes them funny to have around. (And, now I realize I should have taken a picture next to a dime or something so you could have seen how wee they are.) The dash is a bit small than a ⅛ teaspoon measure, and they get smaller from there.

How Do They Work?

Well, genius, just like a regular measuring spoon. Insert into dry ingredient, pull out with stuff on it.

Do I Really Need Them?

Obviously, you respond, “No. I do not need them. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.” And, then you think for a minute. You ask yourself, “Is my dash a bit too heavy-handed? Could this be why Grandmama’s ye olde cookie recipe never quite tastes right?” Then, you ponder it a bit more, and you think, “My fingers ARE fat. My pinch is probably a giant size pinch!” You come to this realization: How have I ever lived without these miniature measuring spoons? I will have to rethink my entire kitchen experience.

OK, maybe you don’t go that far. (If you’re me, you go that far…) But still, did you even realize that there’s a standard for smidgen?

Where Can I Buy My Very Own?

And, this is the best part of the entire wee measuring spoon experience. You get these suckers at the old country store in front of Cracker Barrel. That’s right, I know people who eat at Cracker Barrel, and they sometimes bring me treats like penny candy and ornaments in the shape of Cracker Barrel restaurants, and yes, even mini measuring spoons. (You didn’t think I’ve actually eaten there, did you? OK, I have, on occasion, been known to get down with a Grandpa’s Country Fried Breakfast complete with Sawmill gravy… but give a girl a break. I LOVE brunch and sometimes there’s nothing doing for miles and miles around but a Cracker Barrel. Enough of my shame. )

Now, that I think about it… these might have come from my mom…. not my dad. If they were a gift from my dad, then they’d definitely be from the Cracker Barrel. But, the more I think about it, the more I realize, these were probably a gift from my mom. Which means that you can get them at a dozen online stores, and you have no need to go to Cracker Barrel. And, you can probably just forget that I mentioned anything about eating there. If you happen to pass by and see my car in the parking lot, pay no attention. I’m not inside eating crazy amounts of hashbrown casserole. Not me. No siree.


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  1. #1 by Just A Smidgen on 3.29.2012 - 6:35 pm

    Too cute.. I guess I need a set of those;) Nice blog.. btw!

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