Tweeting Before Twitter

Before Twitter, when a Chicagoan said, “Let’s go Tweet.” you knew, you were headed north on Sheridan for some serious brunching. This is still very much the case as I don’t think anyone has ever suggested tweeting on Twitter as a group activity. “Wanna hang out?” “Sure. We can tweet together.” I’m old, but not that old.

Tweet LogoThere are two decidedly different brunch crowds at Tweet. The first (early birds, if you can excuse the pun) are people toting tots. Tweet is super kid-friendly in the morning. Not only do they put down the paper under the highchair, but they bring a huge basket of toys and books to occupy your child. Then, the waiter stops by with an organic hand wipe and a plate of sliced bananas with a baby fork. Yes, this is where you want to be if you have children who like to brunch.

The second brunch crowd strolls in a bit later. They don’t have children, but they do have hangovers. And, that’s OK because Tweet’s sister bar, Big Chicks, is right next door with an adjoining portal to the alcohol. They serve mimosas and bloody Marys and all sorts of heavenly concoctions while you wait for your table. (And, if you get there in the hung over crowd, there will be a table wait.) You can also order drinks and they’ll be brought to your table.

I recently went to Tweet with a friend and our young sons.

What We Ate

Despite their evident love for children, their actual children’s menu is limited to a plate of pancakes and ordering off the list of sides. Mr. Moo had the pancakes (with a side of fruit) which he proceeded to throw on the floor. Mr. Moo’s dining companion was much better behaved and ate all of his scrambled eggs.

I ordered what I always order: The quiche platter. It’s the quiche of the day (there are usually two… one with meat and one without), organic salad, fruit cup, and a massive croissant. I have never actually finished the entire thing. The quiche slice is probably ¼ of the pie and the fruit cup is loaded with berries and just a few melon bits.

On this particular day, the veggie quiche option was sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and goat cheese. I always end up on the platter for two reasons:

  1. The menu is huge and I overwhelm easily in the mornings.
  2. I really like their quiche. It’s just plain good—a perfect balance between the egg and the filling. The crust is thick, but not gooey.

My friend ordered the same thing, so I think that’s a win.

What We Drank

Coffee… because I was with the Moo… lots and lots and lots of coffee.

A few other items worth mentioning: Tweet is cash only, but they have a generic ATM on site. And, they have a very sizable gluten-free menu, including gluten-free pancakes and bagels. (GF lox platter! Huzzah!)

Location: 5020 N. Sheridan Road. Metered parking is usually available somewhere nearby. If you’re willing to search and walk a bit, free street parking can be found as well.


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