Geesh, it’s Sheesh

I tend to bitch a lot about Chicago’s lack of good falafel joints. I think the gods of Mediterranean dining heard my plea because there are now two falafel restaurants within a block of my office. Sadly, I will be working from home full-time next month. Oh, the cruel irony!

My obsession isn’t just with falafel, it’s also with kibbe. (And, I still haven’t found good kibbe in Chicago. Suggestions are appreciated.) Kibbe is a mix of bulgar and diced meat mixed with spices and then cooked. I’m a bit on the fringe on this one, but I like kibbe in the baked pie format (rather than the more typical torpedo-shaped, deep fried format).

Sheesh LogoThis is why I have fallen in love with Sheesh. They have both kibbe types, plus tomato kibbe for the vegetarians out there. Sheesh, unfortunately for me, is in suburban Detroit. It’s the only place that I have found that has good falafel and baked kibbe. Now, I know it’s a bit of a trek, but if you’re in the area, give it a try. It’s in a strip mall (what in the suburbs isn’t?) and the decor is pretty basic. They do a brisk carry out business because they have so few tables, but there’s rarely a very long wait for dining in.

The last time I was in Livonia, my family stopped in for lunch. It was the first time I have had spotty service here. Usually, it’s pretty quick and responsive.

What We Ate

They begin by bringing warm bread and bit of salsa to your table. It’s sooooo good. A very happy Moo ate half a basket on his own.

My mom and I went with falafel sandwiches which are rolls with lettuce, tomato, and cabbage or turnips. I had a side of fries and an extra bit of hummus on top to really hit the spot.

Mr. Moo had a cup of lentil soup and pretty much devoured the entire thing before he began playing with straws and napkins and whatever else he could get his hot little hands on. (Did I mention that they’re family-friendly? They are.)

My sister had lentil soup and the fatoush salad. Their fatoush is exactly what you would expect from a traditional salad—romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers with crispy pita bread and that addicted-like-crack dressing.

Paul went with the shawarma plate. You get your choice of meat served on top of rice or fries with a side of salad or soup. Paul went with rice and salad which is so very unusual for him, I almost had a mini heart attack. Finally, my dad also had the shawarma plate configured pretty much like Paul’s except with the soup.

What We Drank

We had the usual coffees, teas, and sodas. But, I would like to point out that they make fresh juices which are pretty splendid. (You watch the guy juice your stuff right after you order it.) Juices are also available by the quart if you’re doing the carry out routine.

Location: 37240 Five Mile Road, Livonia, MI. It’s at the far end of the strip mall on the northeast corner of Newburgh and Five Mile. Obviously, parking is readily available.


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