When You Want That Old School Feeling

I have cardinal rules that I apparently break on a semi-regular basis. One of those rules is to not bring your child to a restaurant that isn’t really a children’s type of place. Of course, there are always occasions when you want to have a nice (read semi-expensive) dinner but still want to bring your child (a grandparent’s birthday and Mother’s Day spring to mind here).

Nick's Fishmarket logoAnd, that’s how we ended up with Mr. Moo at Nick’s Fishmarket. Our reservation was at 5:00 p.m. in the hopes that we’d be out before demon baby struck. (Just barely, Paul had to trot him out right as we were finishing dessert.)

We went to the Rosemont location which is a pretty weird room—in the corner of an office building, with a very dismal lobby. It has dark upholstery with a large fish tank in one wall. I definitely got the 1980s bring that girlfriend you have on the side vibe. But, the servers were amazing at everything, including helping keep the boy entertained (and, yes, they have booster seats and high chairs). They also have a location in the Merchandise Mart downtown.

What We Ate

Mr. Moo, still on his soup loving diet, had the lobster bisque. He wolfed it down. Now, I’m not usually a person who takes pictures of what I eat (I mostly like to enjoy eating rather than being stressed out about taking pictures of what I’m eating.) But, I couldn’t resist having Paul snap one of our son as he demolished the soup.

Mr. Moo Eats Lobster Bisque

Yes, I feed him even though he can feed himself. Take a look at that bowl. Perfect for boys to fling on carpets. No way was I going to let that happen.

And, looking back, it was probably the sherry that made the dish so delectable (sigh… I am such a bad mother). I also ordered him a crab cake because it had corn in it. I thought that this once loved veggie would trick him into eating something solid. Alas, it did not, But, it was probably a good thing since it came with a citrus beurre blanc sauce. I’m just trying to get my kid drunk.

I started with the black and blue ahi tuna which supposedly had a Cajun dusting on top, but I couldn’t tell. The soy mustard sauce was spot on though. Keeping with my Asian-themed dinner, I ordered the Chilean sea bass which was served on a tower of mashed potatoes and Asian slaw. It was good, but I definitely had plate envy.

My mother-in-law started with Nick’s classic salad which was a mess of greens topped with bay shrimp and a creamy dressing. She followed with the cedar plank salmon. The description said it came with grilled asparagus, red and yellow peppers, and red onions. In actuality, it was a thick slice of onion grilled, stacked with a half of a red pepper and a half of a yellow pepper all grilled. So, not plural but definitely a hulking amount of veggies (hence my plate envy). The salmon came next, then the asparagus. All with a balsamic glaze.

But, I think Paul really won out this night. He started with the oysters Rockefeller. They were huge and quite a few of them. (Paul admitted he ordered them because there was bacon in the dish.) For his entree, he had the catch of the day (which sadly, I didn’t catch the type of fish), but my gracious. His plate was an enormous mess of fish and mushrooms and spinach and sauce. All so lovely.

The dessert menu is an old school cart with examples of the desserts of the day. I kind of love the resurgence of this 1970s-type dinner throw back. I had the molten chocolate lava cake which was ridiculously rich and worth all of the calories. Paul and his mother ordered key lime pie and cheesecake. Both looked the exact same, so I think the pie was really a key lime cheesecake. I’m not sure, I was so overwhelmed with my plate of melted chocolate goo.

What We Drank

Sometimes, I wonder about restaurants. It was Saturday night, and they had half off all wine bottles (there are a few exceptions… but not many). This is every Saturday night. So, we had wine. Loads of it.

Then, there was espresso with dessert.

Location: 10275 W. Higgins Rd. Valet parking available in front, but drive around the building and there’s plenty of free parking in the back.


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