Teaching Cookery with Care Bears and Dogs

I’ll admit that I’ve been a kitchen junky since I was a wee lass living on the outskirts of the Motor City. I liked hanging around, peeling carrots… sometimes being allowed to stir the odd mixing bowl of cake batter. (I was shy and didn’t have many friends.) A few weeks ago, my sister and I found two children’s cookbooks stashed in an old box at my parents’ house.

I don’t distinctly remember making anything from either of these cookbooks, but my sister says that she insisted on several recipes from The Care Bears’ Party Cookbook for a party she once threw. (I use that term loosely, as I’m sure my mother did the bulk of the work.)

That’s right. You’re reading a post about the Care Bears’ cookbook. If you have children, I think the Care Bears are making a comeback. Or, maybe they already made a comeback and I missed it. I have a boy and hope to never have to wade through the inexplicable nature of a band of bears that live in a rainbow and use their super power tummies to make people happy. Anyway, in comparing these cookbooks, I found similar recipes for that very 1980s of children’s desserts: Frozen Bananas.

What, you say? I remember my mom freezing Kool Aid or apple juice, but never bananas. Yeah, me neither. And, after making both of these recipes, I know why. The second cookbook, simply entitled Quick and Easy Cookbook, has two cartoon children on the cover with a long-tongued dog helping them make a salad with flour. Um, yeah. Not so hygienic children. And, probably not so tasty.

First, from the Care Bears:

Crunchy Pops

  • 2 ripe bananas (As I was making the other recipe, I just used one.)
  • 1 jar of honey
  • Crispy rice cereal
  • 4 ice cream sticks
  • A wood board (yum)

Funshine Bear Cuts StuffPeel the bananas. (I love how explicit children’s cookbooks are.) Then cut them in half the way Funshine Bear is doing. (I’ve taken the trouble of scanning the image of Funshine bear so you can see EXACTLY how he/she cuts a banana. I also think this is not such a good thing… giving children or bears knives.)

Put an ice cream stick into the end of the bananas. Put the pops in the freezer for an hour.

Take out the pops. Spread honey on each pop with a table knife. Pour some rice cereal on the wood board. Roll each pop in the cereal.

Now the pops are ready. Pop one in your mouth! (But don’t eat the stick!)


A mess. Who the hell can spread honey with a knife on a banana? That is just asking for trouble. Also, I hate to admit this, but I didn’t have any ice cream sticks. (Really? You have them lying around? OK, crafty beaver, you win that point.) Instead, I used a tongue depressor I found in the medicine cabinet. (And, yes, I have tongue depressors lying around. They were leftover from when my husband had to have physical therapy on his jaw. So, there! Now, don’t you feel bad about making fun of my tongue depressor Popsicle stick?)

Frozen banana rolled in rice cereal

As for the taste… well… I’m not sure on how well I liked my breakfast cereal wrapped around frozen banana.

Now, from Quick and Easy:

Frozen Bananas

  • 4 ripe bananas (I only used one sliced in half… didn’t want to over banana on this experiment)
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Honey
  • Granola
  • Chopped peanuts
  • Aluminum foil
  • Pastry brush

Peel the bananas (thanks again for that one). Place each one on a sheet of aluminum foil.

Sprinkle one banana with cinnamon. Sprinkle one with nutmeg. Brush one with honey and roll it in granola. Brush one with honey and roll it in chopped peanuts.

Wrap the foil around each banana. Put the bananas in the freezer, and freeze them for 24 hours.

Unwrap one banana a little at a time, and eat it as you would a Popsicle. This recipe is enough for one person for four days or four people for one day. If you are going to share them, make sure that everyone has a taste of each kind of banana. Try other combinations. A plain frozen banana is delicious, too! (Seriously? A frozen banana a day diet…. )

Anyway, here’s what the pictorial instructions look like, in case you can’t understand the words:

Frozen banana instructions


I made two bananas: One with cinnamon and nutmeg together and one rolled in granola. Honey and pastry brush is equally as messy as honey and knife. And, let’s be honest.

Frozen banana rolled in spices

A bit o’ nutmeg and cinnamon

Frozen banana rolled in granola

Honey and granola

Frozen banana is kind of um… well… crunchy and mushy at the same time. (Now, I see why Mr. Moo hated frozen banana pops while he was teething. They’re just weird.) But, if you’re going to make frozen bananas with children, go the foil route because it keeps everything contained and they’re less likely to impale the backs of their little mouths with sticks (ice cream or otherwise).


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