Nanny, Nanny Boo-Boo

Nana LogoWhen my friend and I took are similarly aged children to the Museum of Science and Industry, we decided to cap off the outing with a bit of lunch. I suggested a place near my house that I have been meaning to try. And, that’s how I ended up at Nana on a weekday afternoon.

This is a wonderfully open and cheery restaurant. It’s very bright with natural wood floors. It has a beautiful high ceiling just the right height to carry the sounds of my screaming child to all corners of the establishment. (Yup, I had the first major baby restaurant meltdown. So much so that I had to take him outside for a bit of a walk.)

Nana is one of those great organic restaurants. The food is thoughtful and well-presented. The service is helpful. As I mentioned, the decor is inviting. Do not let one screaming child deter you from an otherwise wonderful place to dine.

What We Ate

I had the smoked pulled pork sandwich. Thick slabs of bread slathered in ancho BBQ sauce with caramelized onions. It came with a side of addictive jalapeño-lime slaw. My friend had the grilled chicken sandwich. Again, the same slaw and the same large slabs of bread. Perfect for adults, but…

When we ordered the grilled cheese off of the children’s menu, we got the same mega thick cut of bread. With masses of cheese. It was too much for both of our little ones. First, the portion was the same size as the adult sandwiches (crazy!). Secondly (and most importantly), the sandwiches were too thick for them to eat. They couldn’t open their little mouths to get the sandwich in. And, if you think it’s just because Mr. Moo is wee, my friend had the same issue when she brought the sandwich home to her almost 4 year old. Too much sandwich! And, too much work cutting it down when you’re trying to feed a fussy toddler.

What We Drank

Milk for the kiddies and iced teas for the adults. They also have a full bar with seasonal cocktails.

I want to go back for dinner as well as brunch. This kind of restaurant is my favorite kind—fresh, happy, and family-friendly (even when all the family members aren’t that friendly).

Location: 3267 S. Halsted Street. Parking on the street is pretty easy.


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