Lunching in Louie

I like to eat out. (I don’t think this should come as much of a surprise to anyone.) Yes, I like to cook, but I like to eat out more. I really like to travel. And, I really, really like to eat out while traveling.

There was a time (I call it BC… before child) when I traveled and ate out quite frequently. Now, some may disagree with my next statement, but those people are crazy nutters and you shouldn’t listen to them: International travel and fine dining do not mix with a toddler. I don’t know this from experience, because I am not insane, but I have a feeling that after a long flight, the last thing I would want to do is go to a four star establishment with a cranky baby.

So, when I got my annual travel itch, instead of looking across oceans, I settled for something a bit closer to home. Yuppers, we went to St. Louis. But, I can still eat out in the Gateway to the West, can’t I? A few things were against me on that score:

  1. I was in St. Louis. No offense to the lovely people of this fine American city. But, you’re not exactly known for street loads of amazing restaurants.
  2. The better restaurants in St. Louis are a bit old school, apparently. We went on a long weekend (late Saturday to Tuesday afternoon) and most of the restaurants that I wanted to give a whirl were closed on Monday AND Sunday. I get being closed Monday… that’s traditional. But, Sunday? Come on, people!
  3. This was a family trip, so Mr. Moo was definitely in tow.

But, even with our dire circumstances, we managed to not starve. Here are a few thoughts for lunch… we’ll talk about dinner later.


The menu at Fitz’s is pretty burger heavy with a decent selection of children’s choices. Your general all-American type of restaurant. The food isn’t anything to rave about. (I had the fish tacos… eh. Paul went with the Kobe burger special… again, eh.)

Why would I recommend it? The soda. They bottle Fitz’s Root Beer and eight other soda flavors on the premises. So, you sit down, order, and then you can take the kiddos over to watch the soda being bottled. Obviously, it is also on tap (and for sale in bottles on your way out). And, that is pretty darn good. I had the cream soda and Paul got the root beer. Of course, they serve about 25 varieties of giant floats and shakes made with the same amazing soda flavors. (Pretty much dying to try the Strawberry Pop.)

Location: 6605 Delmar Boulevard, St. Louis, MO. Not such a far drive from the St. Louis Zoo.

Dewey’s Pizza

Dewey’s Pizza is a chain, but a pretty localized Midwestern chain. As in, they have locations in Ohio and St. Louis. One of which is near the Magic House Children’s Museum in Kirkwood… hence the reason we stopped in for a bite.

Now, I know I should have looked harder to find a pizzeria that made traditional St. Louis-style pizza. But, coming from Chicago with its “world” famous Chicago-style pizza, St. Louis-style barely registered on my radar as a must-have. I mean, it’s a thin crust with an overly processed white cheese on top (otherwise known as Provel cheese… look it up… it just doesn’t even sound good). I’ll stick to the deep dish, thanks.

But, back to Dewey’s: It’s pretty good for a thin crust. We had a Green Lantern (red sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, goat cheese, artichokes, and pesto). I thought that there was a bit too much goat cheese, but Paul disagreed (almost vehemently, I might add). We also split a strawberry macadamia nut salad which came with bleu cheese and a raspberry poppy seed vinaigrette. Again, your basic non-iceberg lettuce salad.

They have a bar, but our waiter apparently didn’t want us to drink anything alcoholic as he came to our table asking, “Can I get you an iced tea or pop?” Um, yeah, I guess. Thanks.

Location: 124 N. Kirkwood Rd, Kirkwood, MO. But, in addition to several locations in the St. Louis area, they can be found in Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, and Columbus (all of which are cities in Ohio for the geographically challenged among you).

That’s it for me and lunch in St. Louis. We also went to Grant’s Farm on whim and ended up there at lunch time. Rather than starve, we ate at the “beer garden.” (I use that term loosely as the entire thing is run by the Busch family of that sort of beer fame. Although I do not drink beer, Paul would kill me if I called it a true beer garden.) Anyway, between the piped in oompah band music, sweltering heat, and prepackaged iceberg lettuce salad sans prepackaged dressing, that afternoon ended up being perhaps the worst lunch experience I’ve had of late.

I swear, we got a bit more exciting for dinner… but just a bit.


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