Just One Word for You: Plastics

White and brown plastic kitchen scrapers

What Are They?

Well, on the basic level they are thin, semi-flexible pieces of plastic. On a more metaphysical level, they are one of the greatest gadgets ever invented for the pan washing person in your household (that person is named Paul where I live… you might call your pot washer something else).

How Do They Work?

Let’s say you have a pot that is crusty because you made pasta sauce and left it to sit overnight. You’re just lazy like that, aren’t you? But you are a good steward of your pots, so you don’t put them in the dishwasher. What to do? After a bit of soaking, you still have some stuck on ick bits. Take this piece of plastic and scrap those bits off.

Because it’s plastic, you can use it on those nonstick surfaces we’re not supposed to be using anymore. They’re semi-flexible which means that they’re also semi-hard (mind out of gutter, please). The semi-hard part means they’re tough enough to really scrap off stuck stuff from stainless steel.

Just keep in mind that you should wash them off after you’re done, or you’ll need a scraper for your scraper.

Do I Really Need One?

I wouldn’t know as I don’t do dishes, but that guy called Paul sweating over the steamy, soapy water swears by them.

Where Can I Buy My Very Own?

Hmmm… the brown one pictured came as a freebie from Pampered Chef (thanks to a coworker who appreciates my need for clean kitchen implements) and the white/blue one was a gift from my mom (who started me on my need for clean kitchen implements).


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