Jam Today

Whenever someone says the word jam, I hear Carol Channing singing “Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday. But never, ever jam today.” (Remember? It was from that awful 1980s TV version of Alice in Wonderland. Carol played the White Witch. YouTube it. See? You bastards never believe a word I say.)

Jam LogoNow that I put that ear worm in your head, we can talk about brunch. More specifically, brunch at Jam. It used to be in a teeny, tiny space on Damen Avenue south of Armitage. Jam has the dubious distinction of being the first restaurant that we took Mr. Moo. He was like 4… as in 4 days old. (Nothing comes between me and brunch. Not even sleeplessness, a newborn, or post-natal blob belly.)

Now, Jam is in a teeny, tiny space in Logan Square. Because as we all know, that’s where the cool kids are hanging out these days. OK, the space isn’t that tiny. But, it does have a raised area so wear nice shoes and longer skirts unless you want to be judged. It’s all modern and gray inside with pops of lime green. So, if any of that scares you… well, get over it… it’s just that good.

Also, I apologize again to all of the diners sitting near our table when we were there recently. My son still doesn’t understand that throwing objects at strangers is wrong (and mortally embarrassing for his parents).

What We Ate

Mr. Moo inhaled the French toast sticks off of the kiddie menu (yeah, they’re hip AND have four items for children). I had a bite and I’m sorry that they were just for kids because, man, they are good. Crusty and kind of deep fried yum. But not weird and squishy on the inside. Oh, and real syrup which always makes me happy.

I had the eggs Benedict (because what else would I get? I love them so). The eggs were perfectly done and gooey on top of itty bitty English muffins and brown sugar bacon sausage. Yeah, I said bacon sausage. And, I’ll also say fabulous. Bacon sausage: It’s as if you read my husband’s mind and put eggs on top of it. My dish was a bit on the small side so I also had the scone of the day (and I got lucky because it was mocha).

Paul had braised antelope… on a polenta cake. (See? I told you all the cool kids hang out in Logan Square eating cool stuff like antelope with sides of red Russian kale.) It looked ridiculously good. I was plenty pissed when Paul refused to share.

What We Drank

I had a spicy bloody Mary which was served with a smoked mussel as part of the garnish. They do the cocktail right… not too heavy on the vodka, not overly crazy with the spices. Paul had a beermosa. It’s beer and OJ. (Hipsters. What can you do?) Mr. Moo had the freshly pressed green apple juice.

Just go. It’s good.

Location: 3057 W. Logan Bvld. Street parking is generally free if you can find it.


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  1. #1 by kerna2 on 1.26.2013 - 6:04 am

    Seriously, did you have to get that song stuck in my head? I wonder if I can get that version on netflix?

    • #2 by e.marie on 1.28.2013 - 8:04 pm

      sadly, yes… i say sadly because i actually logged in to check… and then, sadly, added it to my queue… what’s wrong with me?

      • #3 by kerna2 on 1.31.2013 - 8:28 am

        It’s not in streaming 😦 Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to live with the memory.

  2. #4 by bloodybest on 1.28.2013 - 12:20 pm

    We’ll have to give the new Jam a try! The old Ukrainian Village spot was delicious. And since the Logan Square location has bar service, it’s definitely a game changer.

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