How to Make a Croissant

Getting a croissant shape isn’t that difficult. Just follow these simple steps:

Roll out your croissant dough into a rectangle. It should be about ⅛ of an inch thick (so pretty thin). Don’t overwork the dough. You don’t want tough croissants.

Croissant dough in rectangle

Cut your rectangle into triangles. It’s OK if they’re a bit uneven, but you want them to be about the same size.

Croissant dough in triangles

Take one of the triangles and place it tip toward you.

Croissant triangle

Stretch the top out so it’s a bit wider. (No need to use a rolling pin, just stretch with your fingers.)

Croissant triangle with wide top

If you’re going to add filling, now’s the time to do it. In this case, I used chocolate chips. But you can put cheese or ham and cheese or jam or brown sugar and cinnamon. Or, you can just do plain.

Croissant triangle with chocolate chips

Now, roll the croissant down (toward you). You may need to stretch the tip a bit as you roll it out. Press the tip into the dough to hold it.

Croissant rolling

Once you have everything rolled up, simply bend the roll into a crescent shape. Make sure that the end point is on the inside (or facing down to the baking sheet). This will keep your croissant from popping open during baking.

Croissants on a baking sheet

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