How to Peel a Tomato

Peeling a tomato is pretty easy. You just have to put down the veggie peeler.

First, make a cross incision in the top of the tomato. (If the tomato is super big, you might want to make the incisions at the top and bottom.)

Tomato Incisions

Drop your tomato(es) in boiling water. They need a bit of a bath.

Tomatoes taking a bath in boiling water

When the skin begins to pull away from the tomato, left that bad boy out of the water (depending upon the size of your tomato this could take anywhere from 3-10 seconds… so pretty quick). You should immediately plunge the tomato into ice water so it won’t continue to cook. You’ll know the skin is pulling away because it will look like this:

Tomato ready for peeling

Now, your tomato is ready for peeling. The skin should come away quite easily now.

Tomato Being Peeled

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